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Urai marunthu is an immune booster medicine that made with the medicinal herbs. Usually, this medicine is mixed with hot water or breast milk for giving 3-month babies to 3 years.

Uramarunnu is an excellent formulation for building immunity and achieving developmental milestones. It is recommended to administer as a paste after rubbing with breastmilk/honey for new born to children of 2 years of age.

Benefits: Urai Marunthu is very good for stomach-related problems like indigestion, bloating, flatulence, loose motion, acid gastric, etc. This naturally increases the immunity power of the Children. 
Chukku(Dried Ginger)

Thippili(Long Pepper)

Omam(Ajowan Caraway)

Sathakuppai(Dill Seeds)

Kuru Milagu(Pepper)



Kadukkai(Ink Nut)

Kadalnurai(Cuttle Bone)

Chitharathai( Lesser Galangal)

Vasambu(Calamus Root)

Karunjeeragam(Black Caraway)



Weight: 50 grams

Origin information: Grown, sun-dried, and ground in Tamilnadu, India.

₹ 240

Vetti veru also known as Khas Khas grass or Khus is a special herb with unique earthy frangrance. Vetti veru is nature’s tonic to rejuvenate mind and body. Vetti veru herb syrup is well known to reduce body heat. This unique root is used to reduce impurities in water; cures stomach related issues and cold symptoms. Adding it to drinking water is the easiest way to boost our immune system.

Vetiver is sometimes applied directly to the skin for relieving stress, as well as for emotional traumas and shock, lice, and repelling insects

Benefits: It is also used for arthritis, stings, and burns. Vetiver is sometimes inhaled as aromatherapy for nervousness, insomnia, and joint and muscle pain.

Ingredients: Vetti Veru

Weight: 50 grams

Origin information: Grown and ground in Tamilnadu, India.

Shelf Life: 24 Months