₹ 240

* Kitchen set is made up of natural clay which is 100% biodegradable with no artificial colors, chemicals or any glazes. Thus makes it harmless to both children and our environment.

* Give your kids the best & unique kitchen play set made of natural clay. Ideal material for miniature cooking and you can cook real food with our clay kitchen set. Bring back the old traditional play materials which are free from plastics and chemicals.

1) Reusable and washable 
2) No chemical, No artificial colors
3) Bio-degradable
4) Eco-friendly
5) Our products are made of pure natural clay and are unglazed

Ingredients: Clay
Type: Clay Vessels
Origin information: Tamilnadu, India.

₹ 240

* Areca Palm leaf plates and bowls are made from naturally fallen palm leaves that are hand collected, pressed and trimmed, and left to dry in the sun to make exquisite and unique plates for your special event.

* No chemicals are used during this process and no trees are cut down. Green catering companies love these 100% biodegradable plates - each of which is unique and beautiful

* It is a great way to celebrate your next special occasion in eco-friendly style.

* Our eco-friendly fancy disposable plates completely steer away from chemicals that leech into food or binders that compromise biodegradability.

1) Reusable and washable 
2) Microwave safe
3) Bio-degradable
4) Eco-friendly
5) Chemical free
6) 100% compostable & disposable

Ingredients: Palm Leaf
Type: Pakku Mattai
Origin information: Tamilnadu, India.

₹ 240

* Decorative table pots can impart a natural and beautiful look to any garden. Use these classic pots which are suitable for your requirement and provides considerable durability.

* Table pots are best natural all around choice to grow plants. They come in variety of shapes and colo Their classic yet unique look is so attractive that a true gardener can not deny its presence.

* These are an eco-friendly and plant-friendly material for your garden. Use these planters to create a colorful and attractive decor with your plants.

1) Non-Toxic Material
2) Porous Nature of Clay
3) Preventing soil disease and root rot
4) Eco-friendly
5) Chemical free
6) Environment Safe
7) Porous nature allows for air and water to move through the walls

Type: Table Pot
Origin information: Tamilnadu, India.

₹ 240

* Perfect for tea, coffee, desserts, ice creams, hot chocolate, tiramisu, soufflé, cupcakes, layer cakes, fruit salad and other beverages.

* Drink tea / coffee in our edible cup and eat the cup when its empty

1) Crunchy & Yummy 
2) Eco-friendly
3) Chemical free
4) Environment Safe
5) Environment Zero waste concept
6) Holds any hot Beverage like Tea or Coffee for 10 minutes

Type: Biscuit Tea cups
Ingredients: Maida, Rice, Starch, Soya Lecithin, Coca Powder
Shelf Life:  4 months

₹ 240

* Wooden toys promote certain educational qualities that enhance the learning ability of a child. Various wooden toys help children to understand shapes, sizes, textures, colours, and more. Kids also gain decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and understand situations better when they play with wooden toys.

* Wooden toys are ethical and sustainable choices. These toys are much more environmentally friendly than plastics. They offer durability and longevity which increase their potential to last for generations.

* Wooden baby toys possess naturally antibacterial qualities. The porous surface of wood means that moisture and bacteria are absorbed and will eventually die, unlike plastic surfaces where they can multiply.

* This eco-friendly rattle is handcrafted with neem wood and coloured with water-based non-toxic dyes. 

1) Environmentally safe
2) Excellent educational value
3) Classic look and tactile feel
4) Excite the imagination
5) Encourage social interaction
6) Durable and long-lasting

Type: Wooden Toy
Best Suited for: Kids
Material: Wooden Handcrafted
Origin Information: India

₹ 240

* Meet the Cute Jute - our 100% natural jute bag, ideal for visits to the park, picnics, grocery runs, carrying lunch, and gifting.

* The crease resistance of Jute is very low. Drape Property is not good enough. Create Shade effect and becomes yellowish if sunlight is used.

* Jute bags are extremely durable and can be reused multiple times before the bag needs to be replaced.

* Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. A hectare of jute plants consumes about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen.

* 100% natural jute bags are more durable and can be reused more times.

1) Jute bags are durable
2) Very low CO2 footprint
3) Very low water footprint
4) Low ecological footprint
5) Eco-friendly, reusable, and Biodegradable
6) Handcrafted with 100% natural plant fibre-jute

Type: Jute Bag
Best Suited for: All Occassion
Material: Plant Fibre
Wash Care: Hand Wash
Origin Information: India