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06 Sep

Plant a Tree for CANCER FREE generation


          Soursop is a tropical fruit also known as graviola, hanuman fal (Hindi) and Mullu Seetha (Tamil). The outside has a spiny, green texture and the tangy sweet flesh. Soursop is abundant in folate, niacin, thiamin, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. This tasty fruit is used in holistic medicine to treat an upset stomach, coughs, asthmatic symptoms, skin conditions, gout, fever and as a mild, natural sedative. This fruit widely available in south india and this is especially important due to it’s anti-cancer properties


Soursop and Cancer:

          Soursop can be used as a part of natural anti-cancer therapy or use it along with chemotherapy drugs. Soursop killed cancerous cells in 12 types of cancer, including pancreatic, lung, breast, prostate, and colon cancer The fruit contains compounds that are 10,000 times more potent in inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells thandriamycin, a chemotherapy drug used to treat several types of cancer.Soursop slows the growth of cancerous cells without causing any harmful side effectsSoursop as an agent for reducing the side effects of chemotherapyIt is important to point out here that the efficiency of soursop as an anti-cancer agent does not diminish in any way when you take it with chemotherapy drugs. Besides complementing chemotherapy drugs, soursop also provides relief from their side effects.


The free plant distribution campaign:

          Deep Forest distributed the soursop saplings through The Department of Women Studies, Department of Computer Science and Department of Human Genetics and Molecular biology at Bharathiar university campus, organized the Inauguration of interdepartmental projectand commemoration of Teachers day on 06.09.2021. Soursop plantation was inaugurated by Honorable ViceChancellor Prof.P.Kaliraj and Registrar in charge Prof.Dr.K.Murugavel to create Cervical and Breast cancer awareness Under RUSA2.0-BCTRC. 100 plants were planted in the university campus and the remaining 600 plants were distributed to the faculty members and staff members on request.

          Deep forest distributed the plants on 'free of cost' with the support of Dr.Kamalaveni, Dr.E.Chandra and Dr. R. Sivasamy Principal Investigators, of RUSA2.0,. Dr. Rupa Gunaseelan, Coordinator, RUSA 2.0and Dr. J. Angayarkanni, Nodal Officer, BCTRC, RUSA 2.0. The main motive was to create awareness in promoting to have natural foods toprevent cancer and healthy generation.By this event the Deep Forest marked his food print on the society to make awareness and keep away from cancer, so the campaign called “Plant a tree for cancer free generation”.

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20 May


Fruits are a rare combination of taste and nutrition and we are specialized exotic fruits like Soursop, Durian, Rampton, Mangusteen, Star fruits, Mangos, Jamun fruits and all kind of seasonable fruits.

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07 Sep

Free Sapling distribution

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